What you do for free often means the most.


Malouf Foundation Board member

In addition to my role as Creative Director, I also served on the non-profit portion of the Malouf Foundation in 2016-2017. In its first year of being founded, I took on the role of managing donations and events with partners like Utah Foster Care, Sleep in Heavenly Peace, The Family Place, The Red Cross, Cache Humane Society and individual community members in need. I worked with partners to assess need, create yearly goals and proposals, coordinated with board members, warehousing, shipping, donors, media and volunteers make these donations happen timely, on scope and assessed impact. 

Utah Foster Care

I worked with the Utah Foster Care over the course of 18 months to get a pillow to every child in foster care in the state and every foster family a mattress protector in 2016 & 2017. I served as the liaison between their director and the MF Board to ensure their donations were approved, shipped and getting to those most in need. 


Cache Humane Society

Since late 2015, I have volunteered every Saturday at the Cache Humane Society cleaning the shelter, training, walking and cuddling dogs & kitties. I also create signage, promotional posters, coordinate product donations, designed the dog park logo and recently did a complete rebranding for them. I love what this organization does and love to be a part of it. 


I meet monthly with and volunteer my time and design work for the Northern Utah Violence Prevention Education Coalition. NUVPEC consists of representatives and community members from various community, criminal justice, religious, and educational organizations that come together to prevent sexual violence in Cache & Riche Counties. The coalition supports CAPSA, works to prevent sexual violence. I have helped organize community awareness events, coordinate with local companies, donors, volunteers and create marketing signage and language around events. 


Red Cross Blood Drive Coordinator & Donor

Every six months I coordinated blood drives for Red Cross at Malouf & every six weeks I continue to personally donate to the Red Cross. As coordinator, I scheduled, create promotional materials, sign up sheets, reminders & made sure we had adequate flex donors on the day of to hit our donation goals.


The Family Place

In addition to supplying this local nonprofit with bedding for all of their childcare facilities, I arranged donations to in-need families for Christmas gifts, a Christmas tree and collecting volunteers for event fundraisers. I coordinated employee donations and volunteers across 7 departments to assist this organization in their goal to make a safe place for local families. 

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

This phenomenal organization works to get children in beds who don't have one. I was fortunate enough to work with them in getting mattresses and bedding to many of those kids in  Utah and Idaho through 2016 and 2017, somewhere around 800 kids in total. It is one of my favorite groups to have worked with.