My Story

I’m famous on this page of the internet.

The peak of my hair journey.

The peak of my hair journey.

I am the gatekeeper of my own destiny
and I will have my glory days in the hot sun.
— Nacho Libre

I'm Emily, I'm a graphic designer/artist and a bunch of other things. This is mostly about the other things. 

I was the last arrival to a big, loving family in rural southern Idaho. I liked my pet frogs, building forts, reading, rescuing unwilling feral cats, writing and putting on neighborhood plays, ruining perfectly good food for ‘science’, playing soccer, riding bikes and general mischief with my friends. As a little kid, when the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" was asked, I had four answers of equal interest: 

  1. a mad scientist

  2. an artist

  3. a professional soccer player or

  4. a horse

Fortunately for my childhood dreams, one of those was remotely realistic. 

In 2002 I received the Art Sterling Scholarship to Utah State University where I largely subsisted on frosted flakes and earned a double BFA in Drawing & Painting and Graphic Design. Since 2007, I have been a full-time in-house or agency designer and part-time freelancer. In 2017, I made the leap (or fall, depending on your perspective) to full-time freelancing and established Bunnelli, LLC*. I now spend my days designing under the close supervision of my two dogs for a variety of clients across the U.S. *Bunnelli is my dog's last name (she's adopted); Isabelle Rosalini Bunnelli.

I'm deeply flawed but eager to be better. I believe in people's capacity to do great things. I want to do some too. Mostly that translates to being kind, doing my best work, continual learning, and trying to improve the world around me. I think curiosity & kindness are undervalued and “stuff” is generally overvalued. I like to make art that builds connections, improves quality of life, speaks to the truth, and whenever possible, makes people smile. 

My perfect day would include being in the great outdoors, spending time with people that care about each other, laughing really hard, eating something good, accomplishing something new & challenging, and probably petting a dog. Add a falling star spotting, 10/10.


Things I like, in no particular order:

  • My dogs, also any other dog I happen upon, and most cats

  • being outside in many facets, swimming, hiking, biking or laying in my own backyard

  • naps

  • medium-spicy ethnic cuisine (but not cuy)

  • the idea of living a musical life or being prepared for impromptu dance battles

  • music as therapy

  • painting as therapy

  • lifting weights as therapy

  • laughing until you cry as therapy

  • warm sunshine on a cold day

  • oversized blankets

  • tiny paintings

  • silliness

  • trying new things that scare me just a little

  • creative problem solving

  • riding a bike

  • friendly debates

  • aggressive kindness

  • making anything into a competition

  • learning enough Spanish to order tacos, basically

  • all things Nat Geo, Jane Goodall, Brené Brown, Jane Eyre, or Mr.Rogers

  • a good rainstorm

  • that time after the sun sets but before it gets dark on an infinitely long summer evening

  • the mist that never leaves the Pacific Northwest

  • the quiet expanses of Idaho

  • travel as a means to make the world feel like home

  • intersectional feminism

  • bad advice columns

  • art history

  • people who converse seriously with children and animals

  • all manner of crappy science fiction

  • Schwarzenegger, Wes Anderson, and Myazaki films

  • quality time

  • reliable cars

  • Dad jokes

  • Mom hugs

  • passionate thinkers

  • the smell of wet sage brush

  • 'others' that are real and wild and brave