My name is Emily Elizabeth Bunnell and I'm a creative-problem solver. 

With over 10 years professional design experience, 5 years experience managing a creative team and a double BFA in Graphic Design and Drawing Painting, I confidently can say I am proficient in the digital arts. But, what makes me a real asset probably requires some explaining. 

1. I am ambi-brained.

Yes, I made that word up. I have a traditional arts background and a penchant for smart systems and efficiency. I love a thorough creative brief almost as much as I admire a Klimt. I am not a software master, I'm a user-focused creative-thinker who can deliver great design solutions with an array of tools and mediums. I deliver outside of traditional graphic design whenever needed and am willing to get uncomfortable in new realms.

2.  I am curious.

I ask a lot of questions. I ask why until everyone's clear on why. Sometimes it shakes up the hive a little, and some projects don't pass the why test - but when they do - everything goes smoother with curiosity at the lead. The less I assume to know, the more I can really find out. I take pride in asking the right questions to the right people before we're eyeballs deep in aesthetic debates. Motivation matters, audience matters - success as a very clear picture matters. 

3.  I care about the big picture.

This may sound a tad cliche but I'm going to say it. I want to make a difference. And more importantly, I believe that I do. I am not careless with my time or my design. I don't do sloppy work, even on the little stuff. I use my personal time on self-improvement & volunteering for causes that I care about. I know my time and work impact others, so I use them well and I aim to make it a sum positive.

4. I'm nice to work with.

I do my best to show up authentic, open-minded and optimistic. I deliver on time and on budget, I will critique and scrap concepts as needed- but at the end of the day, I put people first. I am willing to dig into the gritty work. I apply humor and empathy to the wounds of failure. Losses are lessons, wins are stepping stones. I have a no-divas-policy. I seek solutions, not blame. I do my best to be honest & positive through the inevitable bumps of creative work. And dog-gone-it, people like me. I think you will too.