People before product.

A lot of what a creative director does isn't about 'pushing pixels' but more like being the conductor in front of a talented orchestra. With the occasional airborne rotten tomato. 

Some of my most fulfilling work has been helping others achieve their potential and unify our efforts for a shared goal. These are examples of my strengths in big-picture thinking, making a plan and inspiring talented people around me for the best result. 

Goal-Driven Growth & Team Development

I implemented a goal-driven growth template for one of my creative teams. This included having employees create and followup on actionable personal goals. In addition, our team met weekly to assess and share concerns, ideas and collaborate. This resulted in a tighter-knit group, opportunities to inspire, more clarity and a platform for team-members to share their concerns and have a voice. 


Culture Building

Enhancing and fostering positive culture in a company takes consistent efforts and time. I have planned company parties, employee well-being efforts, get-to-know you questionnaires, cross-department culture sharing and team apparel. These efforts have helped unify and include people across a rapidly growing company and foster healthy respect and friendship among peers. 


Onboarding & Systems Improvement

Part of seeing the big picture involves seeing systems weaknesses and tackling those problems. I have spearheaded, unified and improved systems for hiring, onboarding, mission and vision statements, project workflow, automated forms and systems wherever they improved efficiency and communication. In and outside of the creative department this increased productivity and reduced errors and confusion. 


Project Management

While I always have kept my hands in design, because frankly, I love it - I have gotten pretty good at managing many tasks as they come in, assigning, directing, reviewing and approving across design, imagery and interiors. I like hands-on reviews, talking through obstacles and challenging my team to reach improved solutions. I have trained other departments on software to increase buy-in and audit those systems regulary.  

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Women Outside Work

An independently driven task I took on was to increase the involvement and culture-building activities for women in my workplace. Employees that feel included and valued do better work and stay around longer. This included surveying and coordinating monthly activities that were interesting and hands-on for female co-workers. From movie night, yoga classes, volunteering and self-defense, this was a great pleasure to be apart of.