Largely irrelevant.

Just Missed You

Dear Super Blue Blood Moon,

I just missed you.

I don't have a good excuse. I read we haven't seen your trifecta lunar event in North America (super moon, blue moon and total eclipse) since 1866 but yet still, sleep wouldn't loose me from her grip and I dreamt right through it. The internet has plenty of better pictures of you than I could ever take or see with my own low-grade telescope but that doesn't lessen the sting of sleeping through your visit. And in the self-perfected art of multiplying my guilt, I woke up to read about the event and look at pictures taken just an hour or so ago. I'm not, like, the Moon's biggest fan (though I'm sure the earth appreciates its company) I just like the infinite scale and mystery of space. How tiny and excited I feel when I try to think about it. How it makes me feel both insignificant and deeply connected to something bigger. Star/moon gazing reminds me of my childhood. 

Moon, you looked great, in case nobody said so.

You went through a dark time with grace. 

I think red really suits you.

I just missed you. 

Emily Bunnell