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My Talented Friends: Nic Miller

I have talented friends. By some good luck and circumstance, I've crossed paths with a lot of really great people who are doing things I'm happy about. In the mess of a world media obsessed with personal, environmental, social and political disasters - its easy to forget there are a lot individuals doing their best to brighten the world. At least a dozen of them. Possibly a few more. ;)

Regardless of the readership (or lack thereof) of this page, I want to share their achievements because they meet my qualifications for writing on here. 1. They inspire me and 2. bring me joy and that qualifies as a story worth sharing.

At the risk of blowing minds or underselling their achievements by listing them all here, I'm going to pick one to feature at a time. I can think of at least six people right now, before I've finished my coffee, that deserve their own spotlight. I think we can safely assume I've got way way more than that with a short brainstorm. Lets start with one I just got an exciting email from this morning about her most recent achievement. Read on and we'll get to that.

Photo by Catalina Kulczar


Nic Miller, is a designer and printmaker I have known since college and worked with early in her woodcutting explorations as FriendsMakePrints. Our earliest collaborations in college were more silly than talent, but we had the gist of it - do art that makes you happy. Let your art speak about things that are important to you (I guess we were concerned about stereotypes in our early work). Now keep doing it until your good. She's nailed that last part.



 Since then she has pursued her mounted woodcutting aggressively for last several years (on top of being a rad designer). She's done massive elk, bison and bears to trout, crows and even itty bitty shrimp. She does not discriminate with her kingdoms and phyla.

She's always been talented, but seeing her vision and direction mature and blossom over the years has been such a delight. I know she has made frightening career leaps and personal sacrifices to be where she is. She is tireless and brave and I really admire her resiliency in doing the work she is passionate about when easier options have been available. 

Most recently she did a collab with The Haptic Lab working on The Flying Martha Ornithopter.

Made in the likeness of the extinct passenger pigeon, the Flying Martha is symbolic of humanity’s role in a rapidly changing world. The passenger pigeon was once the most numerous bird species on the planet, with an estimated population of 3-5 billion birds. No one could have imagined that the entire species would disappear in one human lifetime. Extinctions will become more commonplace in the next century as the climate crisis deepens. But we’re still hopeful that a balance is possible; the passenger pigeon is a symbol of that hope.

We’ve partnered with the woodblock print artist Nic Annette Miller to create a deluxe artist edition of the Flying Martha, printed in her gorgeous signature style using a letterpress. These pieces will be hand-assembled in Haptic Lab’s Brooklyn studio.
— Kickstarter

Nic, this new work is creative, playful, thoughtful and beautiful. Like you. I love it. You can support her collaborative Kickstarter project here. 

I'd also suggest you check out her site and consider learning about and supporting her work directly here. She just did a series of bats, which if you know me, know they're one of my favorite little mammals. They're generally misunderstood, nocturnal fuzzy monsters with a voracious appetite. Guys, I get you. Nic, keep being rad.

Emily Bunnell