Music & Design

Incase you didn't get the memo. FF put out a new album (first in 3 years)



as did QOTSA (its been 4 years guys).




Sometimes it takes a few listens to decide how I feel about 'm. Listen when you're a little sad. Listen when you're pumped. Listen when you're quiet and thoughtful. Tally score, divide by 3. Multiply by sentimental feelings. IDK. I'm mostly just glad these guys are still producing music and that they're hiring rad visual artists to make their marketing and merch. I mean, look at this video guys, its the best thing you'll watch all day. Maybe even this week. Its gold. 


Here's the link to Greg Kurstin, cuz you'll want it after this. YW.

I'm all about minimalist stuff in design but I'm extra-digging the Frank Frazetta meets Alphonse Mucha designs for both bands. <3 Makes you want to go to a smokey venue, watch Conan and re-read Dune. Or just listen to the albums. 


Emily Bunnell