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Pleasure Reads

"Let us remind ourselves that it’s okay to ‘just’ read a book. Reading a good book is like having a conversation with a friend...Not every single book has to make you a millionaire, turn you into a life hacker, or the best version of yourself."

I always keep 3-4 books on my nightstand that I 'rotate' through based on my mood. Usually a career-growth, a self-help/spirituality read, something historical or travel-related & always a great fiction. I frequently feel this pressure to spend more time with the career-related, or self-help books more so than my fiction. Its nice to be reminded that maybe it is okay to pull that beloved novel out again and reread it when you have 12 untouched 'how-to-be-the-best-designer-ever' books on the shelf. :)

My all-time top re-reads: Matilda and Jane Eyre. What are your favorite 'pleasure' reads?

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