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How to Protect your Work, Get Paid & Have Great Clients - Katie Lane

AIGA does it again with a video that hits home for me. Set aside an hour for this if you work as a freelance designer to watch this talk from the Eye on Design Conference 2017 from Creative Attorney Katie Lane on helping creators understand their rights and stand up for themselves as a freelance designer in this big world. She uses a lot of visuals so that makes it easier for all of us.  

“What are your rights as a freelance creative? How can you better stand up for yourself when invoices aren’t getting paid? And when is it the right time to fire a difficult client? When these questions arise, I usually just hide under the bedcovers and hope the issues will go away on their own accord…

There’s a better way to go about these things. Enter Katie Lane of Work Made for Hire: the creative business advice coach for creative people, and a woman straight from the pages of a kick-ass comic about an attorney fighting design industry injustices. Lane specializes in helping freelancers and creative businesses handle their problems, whether that’s protecting designs, having great clients, or simply getting paid on time.

You can read more about Katie here!

Emily Bunnell