“I am the gatekeeper of my own destiny and I will have my glory days in the hot sun” - Nacho Libre


I'm Emily and labeling isn't really a favorite activity of mine. But shy of sharing a burger together - let me see what lists help you get a peek. I'm a Dog Fanatic. Armchair Anthropologist. Car Camper. Friendly Feminist. Spotify Addict. Gym Rat. Miyazaki Moviegoer. Trivial Pursuant. Rookie Foodie. I travel when I can, read when I can't, doing both at the same time is *thumbs up emoticon*. I am a non-degree seeking after-hours student. I admire socially-conscious game-changers. Big thinkers who are realistic and vulnerable.

Short of changing the world, I stop for ducks in the road. (I mean, what kind of monster doesn't?) I recycle, but I don't compost. I love animals, but I eat meat. I'm deeply flawed but eager to be better. I believe in people's capacity to do great things. I want to do some too. Mostly that means just being kind, doing our best work, and reaching outside our own bubble to improve our world.

My perfect day would include laughing really hard, eating something good, being in the great outdoors, spending time with people that care about each other, accomplishing something new & challenging, and probably petting a dog. Add a falling star spotting, 10/10.