A lot of what a creative director does isn't about 'pushing pixels' but more like being the conductor in front of a talented orchestra. With the occasional airborne rotten tomato. 

Much of what I have done in the last few years has been about seeing the bigger picture and then assessing, directing, feedback and coordinating groups. These are examples of my strengths in big picture thinking, making a plan and inspiring talented people around me for the best result. 


In-Office Directing


Goal-Driven Growth & Team Development

2 years ago I implemented a goal-driven growth template for the creative team. This included having team members create and followup on personal goals. In addition, our team met weekly to assess and share concerns, ideas and collaborate. This resulted in a tighter-knit group, opportunities to inspire, more clarity and a platform for team-members to share their concerns and have a voice. 


Project Management

While I always have kept my hands in design, because frankly, I love it - I have gotten pretty good at managing many tasks as they come in, assigning, directing, reviewing and approving across design, imagery and interiors. I like hands-on reviews, talking through obstacles and challenging my team to reach improved solutions. I train other departments on our software to increase buy-in and audit those systems regulary.  

Culture Building

Enhancing and fostering positive culture in a company takes consistent efforts and time. I have planned company parties, employee well-being efforts, get-to-know you questionnaires, cross-department culture sharing and team apparel. These efforts have helped unify and include people across a rapidly growing company and foster healthy respect and friendship among peers. 


Onboarding & Systems Improvement

Part of seeing the big picture involves seeing systems weaknesses and tackling those problems. I have spearheaded, unified and improved systems for hiring, onboarding, mission and vision statements, project workflow, automated forms and systems wherever they improved efficiency and communication. In and outside of the creative department this increased productivity and reduced errors and confusion. 

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Women Outside Work

An independently driven task I took on was to increase the involvement and culture-building activities for women in my workplace. Employees that feel included and valued do better work and stay around longer. This included surveying and coordinating monthly activities that increased women's involvement. From movie night, yoga classes, volunteering and self-defense, this was a great pleasure to be apart of. 



Non-Profit & Volunteer Directing

In addition to being a director of a creative team of design, interior design, photography & videography, I also organized non-profit and charitable causes for the Malouf Foundation. This including creating yearly donation plans & volunteer events for groups like Utah Foster Care, Sleep in Heavenly Peace, The Family Place, The Red Cross, Cache Humane Society and more. I worked with recipients to assess need, created yearly proposals, coordinated with board members, warehousing, shipping, donors, media and volunteers make these donations happen timely, on scope and assessed impact. I loved this capacity of my work. 

Red Cross Blood Drives

Every six months I have been the blood drive coordinator for Red Cross. I schedule, create promotional materials,sign up sheets, reminders & make sure the phlebotomists have lunch and round up flex donors the day of to make sure we hit our donation goals. 


The Family Place

In addition to supplying this local nonprofit with bedding for all of their childcare facilities, I have also worked to supply local families with Christmas gifts and a tree and volunteering at fundraisers. I coordinated office-wide employee donations across 7 departments and ensured their delivery.


Utah Foster Care

I worked with the Utah Foster Care to get a pillow to every child in foster care and every foster family had a mattress protector in 2016 & 2017. I created yearly proposals, coordinated quarterly shipments & invoices. 


Sleep in Heavenly Peace

This phenomenal organization works to get children in beds who don't have one. I was fortunate enough to work with them in getting mattresses and bedding to all of those kids in 2016 and 2017. That will be just shy of 800 kids receiving beds. It is one of my favorite groups to have worked with. 


Cache Humane Society

Since late 2015, I have volunteered every Saturday at the Cache Humane Society cleaning the shelter, training, walking and cuddling dogs & kitties. I also create signage, promotional posters, coordinate product donations, designed the dog park logo and recently am working on a complete rebrand pro bono. I love what this organization does and love to be a part of it. 


I meet monthly with and volunteer for the Northern Utah Violence Prevention Education Coalition. NUVPEC consists of representatives and community members from various community, criminal justice, religious, and educational organizations that come together to prevent sexual violence in Cache & Riche Counties. The coalition supports CAPSA, works to prevent sexual violence through supporting primary prevention education philosophies and addresses prevention at the individual, community, society and policy levels.