Here's a sampling of some of the work I've done over the years. More in-depth work can be provided upon request. 


Social Media

Establishing & managing social media goals and messaging for brands includes a strong understanding of voice and audience. 

From-Scratch Product Design

For 6 years I have help develop and design new products in soft goods. This includes, from-scratch baby products, to patented-textile design for bedding and original mattress and pillow solutions. 

Full Branding Implementation

From creating the brand name, logo design, brand guidelines, packaging, product design, photography and art direction - brand implementation can mean just about anything. That sometimes includes cleaning up little puppy dog accidents in the photo studio.

Logo Design

Logo design, whether its a rebranding or just-a-twinkle-in-your-eye concept company, logo creation is a scary/exciting first step. I can make it something that can grow with your company and will give consumers the warm-fuzzies whenever they see it.

Print, Layout & Advertising

Print and layout design is a favorite of mine. I enjoy the challenge of taking what is sometimes a lot of content, and design it to be impactful and easy to read. Whether its ads, brochures, annual reports, white pages, catalogs, presentations or promotional banners - I can do that. I'm even happy and capable at writing and editing copy.  

Packaging Design

Across dozens of brands and hundreds of products, I have developed packaging designs for online, speciality retail, big box and more at every price point and material. 

Technical Drawings  & Illustrations

Sometimes that Drawing & Painting degree pays off. My first love was with paper and pencil, well before I learned what typography was. I happily apply those skills to create illustrations, assembly instructions, diagrams, brand icons and infographics. 

Web & Emailer Design

Admittedly, web design is not my bread-and-butter, but I have years of experience concepting and delivering emailers and web pages. I more recently have managed teams of web designers and developers to increase website conversion. (aka: I have room to grow but I am capable & competent.)


I volunteer my time assisting with promotions, branding, volunteer coordinations and product donations for several non-profits. I know budgets are usually small to nonexistent and often its critique-by-committee, so its hard work but some of my most satisfying work. 


Making apparel that talks the talk and is still attractive enough for someone to wear out of the house (because we all have enough 'pajama shirts'), is a fun task. I provide print-ready files and work closely with suppliers to get the the perfect fit and price shirt to pair. 

Signage & Wayfinding

I worked in an office before where 2-3 times a day people came in asking for someone from another company. There was a sign identifying the office - but it was too small, too hard to see & totally ineffective. Beautiful and space-appropriate signage enhances the look of a space and helps people get where they're going. Your receptionist will thank you. 

Photoshop Wizardry 

My first design job was about 90% Photoshop compositing and illustrations, so I know it (and like it) more than most designers. I can help you 'fake it until we make it' with new products, cutaways & packaging, as well as basic photo retouching. 

Trade shows, In-Store & POP

I have 6 years of experience designing POP display solutions, trade shows (permanent and temporary) and sales materials. I have created unique rack for product, found local-solutions to displays and created signage to finish the job. 


It's hard to remember (and archive) all the work I've been a part of in the past 10 years - if you want a specific project that you don't see listed here, ask me about it! There's a good chance I've done it or am willing to figure it out.